On April 4, the president of our foundation, Mª Jesús Soto, held a virtual meeting with the women’s team of WIN Madrid, one of the Employee Resource Group of BNY Mellon.

WIN is equivalent to the Women’s Initiatives Network, a global initiative that supports and empowers the advancement of BNY Mellon’s women in order to offer them more opportunities for professional development and leadership, as well as greater visibility and connectivity with other employees and customers.

The attendees, who represent several lines of business of BNY Mellon, listened to what the educational work of Mª Jesús Soto’s foundation consisted of and the importance that our president gives to the fact of transmitting and training in financial education to our children, for which it is extremely important to have control and training and accurate information about the family patrimony.

In her opinion, within the family environment, it is of the outmost importance to jointly prepare the family budget, explaining to all its members how to classify expenses as essential, necessary and dispensable. She also defends that it is necessary to transmit the different items of expenditure of the family: studies, vacations, house rent or mortgage … It is the most effective way to teach, with the example of our routines and the real data that allow them to learn and value the economic effort made by their parents and, ultimately, know how to manage a house, since they will surely have to do it tomorrow.


Finally, the importance of women being aware of family wealth planning was discussed and participants listened to some advice related to its management.


We thank BNY Mellon for the meeting, as it supports one of the objectives of the foundation, which is to transmit economic-financial education and, in this field, the work of women is fundamental.