On 25 February the president of our foundation, Mrs. María Jesús Soto, attended the closing day of the Chess Tournament that has been taking place at the Community Cadi school in Mexico City since 22 February.

The talk given to mark the closing of the event dealt with the similarities between economics, finance and chess, as well as the importance of decision-making in all these disciplines.

In a game of chess, if we make the wrong decisions when moving the pieces we can end up losing the game. Similarly, in the world of economics and finance, families, companies and countries have to make correct decisions to avoid losing, which in this case would be ending up in bankruptcy.

But this is just one of the similarities between chess and economics, another being that in both worlds there are rules of the game, contracts and laws that must be fulfilled as well as steps that must be followed to know which pieces to move.

If in chess, as in life, we play with abilities such as initiative, objectivity, patience and prudence, winning the game will be easy. Which is why this game can provide an excellent learning platform, a base that will help the students improve these qualities for their professional and personal future, as well as help them to have an economic-financial education.

To finish, the students played a mini tournament with knock-out games, and the three finalists received the María Jesús Soto Foundation’s books.