On 24 February Ms. María Jesús Soto, president of our foundation, gave a lecture to the ‘mediators’ of this innovative museum, young people who collaborate as guides and who are in constant training with specialists in different fields of Economics, in this case Finance.

MIDE, the Interactive Museum of Economics, is one of the few museums in the world specialising in this discipline. It has permanent spaces devoted to topics such as the banknote factory or the work of the Bank of Mexico, and also has temporary exhibitions that deal with current affairs. One of the most recent covers the economy and ecosystems, using the up-to-date resources such as virtual and augmented reality to delve into the value of everything that nature provides, with a view to exploring biodiversity and sustainable consumption.


Carlos Cruz, Director de Educación del MIDE, presentando a Dña. María Jesús Soto

The museum has a large team of mediators or collaborators from the sphere of education, what we would call guides, responsible for speaking to and interacting with the nearly quarter of a million visitors that the centre receives every year. These young people, university students in the final semesters of their different courses, are trained for two years and attend talks given by various specialists, such as our president. During her intervention she spoke to them about personal finances, about the importance of educating children and young people in these subjects, and how to approach this knowledge from an early age, combining it in a cross-disciplinary manner with other subjects.

From the María Jesús Soto Foundation we wish to thank MIDE and those who worked to make the meeting possible and paved the way for our collaboration with their mediators, at the same time congratulating everyone – those responsible for the museum and the mediators themselves – for the great educational work they carry out.