Letter from our President

The María Jesús Soto Foundation was set up to give continuity and greater presence to the work I have been developing over the past 25 years in the field of economic and financial education, to which we can now add entrepreneurship and knowledge of the private and public sector, thus completing the three pillars of our educational structure.

The need for basic education in these areas has become ever more relevant in the wake of the last great financial and economic crisis experienced by Western countries. Its terrible consequences on domestic economies has set off all alarms and stems from the inescapable fact that nothing will be solved effectively if citizens do not improve their knowledge of such matters, on the basis of which they make decisions every day.

The María Jesús Soto Foundation is making available to the public three publications written in a simple language, with didactic explanations and superb illustrations, which will enable children, young people and adults to understand the necessary basic concepts about economics, finance and entrepreneurship. The theory contained in these books will be complemented with materials specifically intended for the educational field. In this regard, we will be developing specific programmes, didactic material and activities to assist teachers in the training of their students, and put into practice the knowledge gained in an enjoyable way via different subjects.

Giving lectures, talks and presentations to groups that request them, as well as participating in different forums in which our presence is required, will likewise form a fundamental part of our activities.

The enormous social sensitivity to initiatives of this nature has prompted us to specify the possible forms of collaboration with our Foundation. Not only from foundations like ours, but also from companies, associations, public or private institutions, educational centres and individuals who wish to join us. We will be receptive to any suggestion or idea that you wish to contribute to help us achieve the objectives and mission we have set for ourselves.

Independence, transparency, honesty and responsibility will support all our initiatives and actions. For this reason, the participation of our partners and collaborators will serve to strengthen the soul of the foundation, on the basis of such values.

Finally, all that remains is to invite you to select the form of collaboration that is most appropriate to you and urge you to join us in the dissemination of Basic Economic-Financial Education and Entrepreneurship. With everyone’s help, we will effectively combat economic and financial illiteracy, ensuring countries become more prosperous and citizens more socially engaged.

Kind regards,

María Jesús Soto



The mission of the María Jesús Soto Foundation consists of promoting and disseminating basic economic and financial education, as well as transmitting ideas and values that promote entrepreneurship. For this reason, it caters to educational centres, associations, institutions, public and private entities, other foundations and the general public.


The vision of the María Jesús Soto Foundation, created as a non-profit institution, is to improve the educational level of our society in economics, finance and entrepreneurship, focusing above all on teaching children and young people, future entrepreneurs managing their own resources and outsiders contributing with their work, projects, companies, values and effort, to the general social good.


The values on which our fundamental principles are based are: